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Toronto Resource Center, Toronto, Canada

Thursday 03 Jan 2008

Doors open to the new Toronto Resource Center

Toronto Resource Center by Figure3 in Toronto, Canada
Toronto Resource Center by Figure3 in Toronto, Canada Toronto Resource Center by Figure3 in Toronto, Canada Toronto Resource Center by Figure3 in Toronto, Canada Toronto Resource Center by Figure3 in Toronto, Canada
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15/09/09 Kim Parker, San Jose, CA
To Whom: WHERE are the plants??? <br>
Where's the softscape element of the design?
Where's the REAL green?
You know...the ONLY one that removes VOC 24/7 without electricity. The one that reflects and projects a healthy building or interior. The one that has long-proven physiological benefits with minimal cost.
I long to see the evidence that the A&D community has finally evolved to embrace Nature's best resource to enhance the environment and improve air quality: Plants. There is NO element or color or art or design or finish or surface or furniture or machine that can do what WE do: Bring Nature in to us. <p>

And did I mention the minimal cost associated with plants? <p>

I am stunned that owners, archietcts or interior designers dare call a space finished or 'livable' without plants.<p>

A tired, old soldier in the battle-for-clean air,
Kim Parker
Kim Parker Plants, Inc.
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Canadian market welcomes distinctive, Figure3 designed showroom 

Allsteel Inc. opened the doors to its new Toronto Resource Center in November 2007, providing Canada’s growing design, real estate and corporate communities with a first-hand look at the company’s progressive workplace solutions. The showroom, designed by influential Canadian design firm Figure3, is located in the historic Toronto Carpet Factory in the city’s Liberty Village neighborhood.
Jennifer Stoddart, Allsteel General Manager, Canada, notes the Canadian design industry employs 75,000 design professionals and includes 1,200 design firms and 1,325 architectural practices.
The new space is housed in the distinctive brick Boiler House of the former Toronto Carpet Factory, which operated from 1899 until the 1920s. The old factory building is part of a vibrant neighborhood which hosts a lively mix of businesses, stores, cafés, restaurants and residential units.
Allsteel’s 8,000 square foot Resource Center was designed with the added goal of earning LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Figure3 and the Allsteel team focused on reusing as much of the original building and materials as possible and recycling construction debris.

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