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Estadio Internacional Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico

Tuesday 02 Dec 2008

HOK Sport reveal glowing windmill design

Estadio Internacional Monterrey by Populous in Monterrey, Mexico
Estadio Internacional Monterrey by Populous in Monterrey, Mexico Estadio Internacional Monterrey by Populous in Monterrey, Mexico Estadio Internacional Monterrey by Populous in Monterrey, Mexico
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24/12/08 pablo hernandez, washington dc
The Estadio Internacional de Monterrey will promote the economy of the city. Many families including those with fiancial dificulties will be beneficiary with the project. The project will provide job during the constraction and after with the shows, restaurants, retails stores. etc. It was about time to promote this beatiful city and get the recognition that it deserved...
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12/12/08 Javier, California
Looking at both projects (EIM and EFM), I totally like the EIM better. It is definitely a winner! However, does any one know if it is a confirmed project or is it just a proposal. I hope they come through with this one.
11/12/08 pepe, Monterrey
It's only the architecture, not to produce electricity
but the plan, as far i know, is to create a sustentable stadium
saving water and electricity because the ecological design

but, maybe i'm wrong
10/12/08 Daniel, México
A few weeks ago was opened in Dubai a tourist complex built on an artificial isala in the form of palm against all odds and risks. The EIA is by far less risky and expensive while being expectacular a project inspired by the traditional "reilete" that would put the Mexican city of Monterrey International on the map. Congratulations on this great project that is what Mexico needs especially at this stage of crisis, so all must unite to become a reality.
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10/12/08 Rod, MTY
Alex, It's true, HOK is building two soccer stadiums. The "Estadio Internacional Monterrey" is planned and owned by rpivate and multple investors.

The "Estadio de Futbol Monterrey" is a FEMSA Project. FEMSA is a company wich owns the Rayados del Monterrey Soccer Team. This stadium will be only for this team and it will be a smaller stadium than the International One.
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10/12/08 Jose Hernandez, Monterrey
Monterrey is one of the biggest cities in mexico, neve the less ... Theres some expreme poor people living here. The goverment and companys should help these people first .
Or @ lest help to improve trafic .. thats one major concern right now .!!!
09/12/08 diane, vermont
Will the building really act as a windmill and generate electricity or is it just taking the form of the children's toy? Would be powerful if it really did funnel wind into energy or at least ventilation and not just be another misappropriated form in architecture...
08/12/08 Alberto, Mexico
This is the best project that can happen for Monterrey. It's the only thing Monterrey needs to be a truly world class city.
This stadium is better thant the bird's nest.
Congratulations to Monterrey
03/12/08 carlos, monterrey
The Estadio de Futbol Monterrey is a diferent project of this one.
The EFM is having some political and goverment problems because it's going to be next to the Pastora zoo.
This stadium is not supported by a big company, so I think it's going to be difficult to be built.
It is said that CEMEX was giving the money for this stadium but now this company are trying to sell the soccer team because of the crisis.
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02/12/08 alex, new york
Is it true that HOK is building two soccer stadiums in Monterrey Mexico? one called "Estadio Internacional Monterrey" and the other one "Estadio de Futbol Monterrey" ? Or, are they the same project? I find it odd the other one is not mentioned here. http://www.estadiointernacionalmonterrey.com/ and http://www.estadiodefutbolmonterrey.com/
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HOK Sport unveils designs for the Estadio Internacional Monterrey, Mexico 

Initial concept designs for the new 80,000 seat international stadium in Monterrey, Mexico, have been released by the designers HOK Sport. The design for the multi‐purpose venue situated close to the centre of Monterrey has been inspired by traditional Mexican themes and the stadium will accommodate soccer and NFL, as well as a capability for an international standard athletics track using a raised platform concept.

The design was inspired by a symbol of Mexican festivities – the ‘rehilete’ – a windmill that is given to children each year to celebrate National Day in Mexico. The windmill form has informed the overall composition of the stadium, with the design based on eight translucent overlapping leaves and which, by the use of variable lighting, can be made to appear to turn like a fan. The leaves will be constructed of steel mesh which will provide sun shading in a ‘weave’ based on traditional Mexican basket knitting by native Mexicans.

The stadium is to be constructed on a circular land bridge over the dry Santa Catarina River, creating both a physical and symbolic link between the northern and southern parts of the city.

Rod Sheard of HOK Sport said ‘’Mexico has so many wonderful traditions and a love of sport which is infectious; their ‘Ola Mexicana’, the Mexican Wave, has been adopted all over the world as a statement of people having fun, celebrating life. The wave originated in Mexico in 1984 from the University Stadium in an exhibition game between Mexico and Argentina. We were enthusiastic to design a stadium that possessed something of that magic, fun loving spirit and evoking the roots of the Mexican pre Hispanic culture’’.

César Esparza, CEO of Estadio Internacional Monterrey, said "We have been blessed by working with Rod Sheard’s team at HOK Sport. They have exceeded our very ambitious expectations and have developed a true global icon that will boost Monterrey’s image as a world class city. This stadium will put Monterrey on the world map".

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