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Chak office building, Cancún, Mexico

Wednesday 19 Nov 2008

Mayan influences in Mexican design

Chak office building by Anonimous-LED in Cancún, Mexico
Text and images are property of Anonimous-LED 
Chak office building by Anonimous-LED in Cancún, Mexico Chak office building by Anonimous-LED in Cancún, Mexico Chak office building by Anonimous-LED in Cancún, Mexico
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Chak design responds to its environment 

The building is located at Kukulcan Avenue in Cancun, next to the yacht club and 20 km far away from the airport. (Quintana Roo , Mexico).The 340m2 site allows a 40% occupancy and a 12 levels height.

Chak is a little bit far from the hotels zone. Its location emphasizes the difference between a hotel building, an apartment building and Cancun’s first office building.

A series of variables are analyzed to shape the project: views, obstacles, sun light, colors, structure, geography, topography, geometry, etc. The Yucatan Penninsula topography is totally flat. This combined with time achieves the appearance of two types of topography. The first topography is natural and is located under the ground. It’s named “cenotes de agua”. The second type is artificial and is located over the ground, the Mayan construction.

The building attempts to create a meeting space for the people so they can coexist with the avenue and the yacht club. A limestone basement emphasize the settlement to the ground. This remind us of the pyramids famous long stairs. This artificial topography join the avenue with the building at the same time that surround the yacht club.

An ellipse, proposed by the client, connects with the Mayan cosmology. The ellipse is born from the stairs and turns around following the levels' growth. This gives the best views to the lagoon and to the Caribbean sea. This turn also belongs to the search of the sun movement.

The shape of the building has holes. The holes would be private terraces and gardens, these spaces also prevent direct views from the other buildings and give more dynamism to the façade. The red colour of the building, also proposed by the client, would merge with the blue sky and also relates to birth and the death in Mayan culture.

The structure follows a pattern through the articulation of different fragmented pentagonal modules that generate a whole. The structure density changes depending on the views, the obstacles, the orientation and the program.

The ground floor of the building contains retail spaces and restaurants. Chak is proposed as the first office building of category triple a in the Mexican Caribbean zone.


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