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Olympic Park, London, United Kingdom

Thursday 06 Nov 2008

Wild games

Olympic Park by Hargreaves Associates in London, United Kingdom
Olympic Park by Hargreaves Associates in London, United Kingdom Olympic Park by Hargreaves Associates in London, United Kingdom Olympic Park by Hargreaves Associates in London, United Kingdom Olympic Park by Hargreaves Associates in London, United Kingdom Olympic Park by Hargreaves Associates in London, United Kingdom Olympic Park by Hargreaves Associates in London, United Kingdom
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12/12/09 Charlie, London
This article is recycled 2012 propaganda.
in reality, over half the park area was already parkland, nature reserve and wildlife habitat, with a rich and diverse plant and animal community, and many rare species. All this has been destroyed, to remodel the landscape into an artificial, computer designed fantasy designed to be acceptable to property developers.
There were already plenty of song thrushes, grey herons, grass snakes and bats - I live in the area and saw them on many occasions. They are all now driven away by the construction activity, their habitats gone.
It may be 'claimed' it is the largest urban park created in Europe in 150 years - this is untrue, there Parque Juan Carlos I in Madrid is twice the area and built less than 20 years ago.
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12/11/08 BHARAT, NOIDA
it seems more like a 'snowjob'
11/11/08 Archie Phillips, Salt Lake City
This is a great concept that will be appreciated by visitors from around the world. One of the important sustainability issues to keep in mind, however, is that one of the most daunting challenges we face is how to control the scourge of non-native plants that affect virtually every country in the world. These invasive plants were brought to our shores by well meaning people who had no idea of how the plants would spread beyond the decorative use originally conceived for them. Here in America, we are particularly vexed by Kudzu and Tamarisk, but there are many others.
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New plans for London 2012 Olympic Park revealed 

Wildlife – not just sporting fans – will benefit from the London 2012 Olympic Games, with the London 2012 Olympic Park, according to new plans revealed by the Olympic Delivery Authority today.

The Olympic Park is located in the Lower Lea Valley of east London, and will host facilities such as the Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre, and an outdoor sports complex. It is claimed to be the largest urban park to be created in Europe, in 150 years.

The design by LDA Design●Hargreaves Associates was inspired by the generous Victorian festival gardens, and also features screens for audiences to watch Olympics broadcasts in real time.

According to George Hargreaves, founder and design director of Hargreaves Associates, the northern side of the park will be “highly ecological with biodiversity and sustainability as major goals”. It will feature quieter public space, concentrating on habitats for wildlife. On the other hand, “in the South we have sought to create a park that is a contemporary cultural expression of the British love of plants from around the world”. This section will cater for more human activities with venues such as markets, cafes and bars.

After transformation, the current site of contaminated, industrial land will provide 100 hectares of parkland with artificial habitats for birds and bats, and habitats for other species like otter, grass snake, song thrush and grey heron. The London 2012 Gardens, which will sit between the Aquatics Centre and Olympic Stadium, will feature efforts of British plant collectors around the world through over 250 species of plants, trees, meadows and herbs.

Smart green techniques will be used to buffer the park and its surrounding areas from climate change and flooding. Rainwater captured through the paving will be filtered naturally through a system of ponds, reedbeds and wet woodlands, so that it will be cleansed before entering the river.

The ODA is working with the London Development Agency to ensure the park’s design will fit into the Legacy Masterplan Framework, which examines how the Olympic Park site will be developed after the 2012 Games.

Zijia Wong

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Hargreaves Associates

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