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Catford Dog Track, London, United Kingdom

Wednesday 05 Nov 2008

Green light for dog track scheme

Catford Dog Track by Hunters in London, United Kingdom
Catford Dog Track by Hunters in London, United Kingdom Catford Dog Track by Hunters in London, United Kingdom
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18/03/09 s maddigan, catford
Complete and utterly unnecesary demolition of historic and immensely popular venue for local and neighbouring peoples to enjoy a night out---------all for the sake of yet ANOTHER useless,wasteful, tasteless project -------thanks to the local council 'dim wits' in the name of progression.!!!
What was once a very peaceful area and also a country-look view from my house will now be utterly ruined-just another nail in the coffin for our community. This idea is totally unacceptable to everybody I have spoken to about it-- but, (yet again we locals had NO SAY in the matter)
This whole issue reeks of yet another underhand deal which is well known to happen.

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Hunters residential-led scheme wins planning 

A new 598 mixed-tenure housing design with a new Network Rail station, community centre & retail units has won planning approval. The scheme incorporates various environmental credentials including power by CHP, the incorporation of photovoltaics and a comprehensive SUDS strategy agreed along with the sustainability strategy, it has been designed to code for sustainable homes level 3.

The challenging site is squeezed between two railway tracks and is in need of improvement. The aim has been to create a connective community with the town centre and the ajacent park whilst providing a selecion of homes including family housing.

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Status Received planning
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