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Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Tuesday 28 Oct 2008

Leaning towards a Guinness record

Capital Gate by RMJM in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Capital Gate by RMJM in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Capital Gate by RMJM in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Capital Gate by RMJM in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Capital Gate by RMJM in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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16/04/12 lawrence, NYC
If you take a step back it look like w woman's boot. Now all we can say is see the kids in living or working a in a boot instead of a shoe.
07/06/10 Al, Zepeda
Genius!! Just pure creativity at its best. Why can't there be more buildings like this in the US?
31/05/10 Mike D, CT
Beautiful Building. Its a shame when such a building can not garner luddite anti-industrial criticism.

All you whining about carbon footprints and fossil fuel delirium should take your wannabe social tyranny and shove it. If you call yourself an 'architect' and don't want to build anything but grass covered hovels, more power to you, but get out of the way of real architects. The earth doesn't care if a clump of iron is buried in the ground or is part of a skyscraper, and that next asteroid heading toward earth won't give a damn what your carbon footprint is.
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25/05/10 vcb-tn, j tn us
as i watched program on ngc? tonight, (5-24-10) and, being an architect, my suspicions were summoned when it was "deemed necessary or appropriate" to add a pool to the other side of the lean? was this suggested by the stuctural engineers?, and the wind foils? not part of the original design but after the fact/design "countermeasures"?, to deal with a faulty concept?thus resulting in an "dung pile" of a building, extremely costly, over-desigend, structured, a waste of natural resources..... and really, very, very awkward looking, but hey, if they got the money to do crazy, stupid sh**, what the heck?
enjoy sheik_________?!!!!
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30/11/09 moha, UAE
Its fully supported by corewall.... all those diagrids are connected from corewall thro node beam. Elevators are in corewall...
19/05/09 Steve Dearlove, Barrie, ON, Canada
How will we ever garner any real credibility amongst the greater public regarding sustainability, carbon footprint and the health of the planet when stuff like this is not only being proposed, but being constructed?<p>

This project, and many of it's ilk, appear to be the crescendo of our fossil-fuel-induced delerium. What a waste of both human and natural resources.<p>

Is it any wonder we (architects) have a reputation of simply being glorified stylists? Now we can add to this list of infamy, irresponsible buffoons also.
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04/11/08 Seymour Auerbach, Chevy Chase, MD
What in the hell does this accomplish other than the designers' deisre to make a record?

<br>It adds absolutely to the comfort/needs of the occupants!

<br>All that glass! When the world is trying to conserve energy.
04/11/08 Dion Neutra, Los Angeles
Can someone explain how elevators work in such a building and how much extra the inclination added to the cost of such an elevator? The same could be said for escalators if there are any.

<p>Dion Neutra, architect, Los Angeles
28/10/08 John, Madrid
At this moment Kio Towers in Madrid are the most inclined buildings, with an inclination of 15 degrees.


Capital Gate to become Guinness Book of Records' most inclined tower? 

As Construction of Capital Gate continues ADNEC, the developers, and RMJM, the project’s architects, have submitted a joint application to the Guinness Book of Records to recognise the tower as the 'most inclined in the world'.

The 35 storey gravity defying feature tower will lean westward 18 degrees, 4 times as far as the Leaning Tower of Pisa which currently leans 3.97 degrees.

Because of its unique posture, Capital Gate is being constructed on top of an incredibly dense mesh of reinforced steel. The dense mesh sits above an intensive distribution of 490 piles which have been drilled 30 metres underground to accommodate the gravitational, wind and seismic pressures caused by the lean of the building. Features of the tower include 728 unique custom-made diamond-shaped glazing panels that due to the structure's curving shape, will be will be fitted at a slightly different angle.

David Pringle, CEO, RMJM Asia and the Middle East commented: “Capital Gate will be one of a kind. Its graceful, asymmetric diagonal structure, known as a ‘diagrid’, supports the tilting external load of the building and we believe that this is the first building in the world to use a pre-cambered core.”

Capital Gate will accommodate the 5-star ‘Hyatt at Capital Centre’ hotel and will provide exclusive office space in Abu Dhabi.

Laura Salmi

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