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Nakheel Tower, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Wednesday 08 Oct 2008

Welcome to the mile high club

Nakheel Tower by Woods Bagot in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Copyright of Nakheel 
Nakheel Tower by Woods Bagot in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Nakheel Tower by Woods Bagot in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Nakheel Tower by Woods Bagot in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Nakheel Tower by Woods Bagot in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Nakheel Tower by Woods Bagot in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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08/02/11 kevinmckain, dubai
hey it will never happen - nakheel are defunct!
21/11/09 arhamilton, USA
One of a kind(WALNUT BURL FLOORING), That we have would complete the extravagance of these outrageous buildings .
17/10/08 James, Toronto
I do not think they believe height is the 'be-all' of good design, but rather a symbol of power, innovation and also status in the global community. It is important for the architecture community to consistently set new benchmarks in all areas (green,design,height...etc.). Just the thought of this tower is inspiring. People do not need to re-visit the past, we have all studied the books and theories now lets move on coem up with soemthing new and innovative.
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14/10/08 Dan Ljungar, Sønder Åby
Who is the architect?
14/10/08 Kenneth Lynn, Wortwell
Who designed it?
14/10/08 Kenneth Lynn, Wortwell
Dan Dare would love it!
14/10/08 Sy Auerbach, F.A.I.A., Chevy Chase, MD
Why in all that's saintly do architects (and their clients) believe height is the be-all and end-all of good design? It's arrogant!

And look at the weird shapes surrounding that tower: what do they acheive othe than a gee-wiz. Like our economy the answer lies in the over use of the computer!

All the Architects doing such atrocities ought ot be required to go back in time and review the 1939-1940 New York Worlds Fair and be told they should do nothing more "elaborate" than were the buildings on exhibit theren and there! They were good, acheivable and all the "excitement" needed for our built envornment!
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Nakheel Tower to become world’s tallest concrete structure 

The latest design attempting to breach the dizzying heights of the Burj Dubai has been revealed as the multibillion dollar Nakheel Tower. Designed by the developments wing of major investment company Nakheel, the tower will be more than a kilometre high, covering a space of around 270 hectares, and will become home to around 55,000 people, a workplace for 45,000, and is hoped will attract millions of visitors each year.

Nakheel Tower will comprise of four individual towers within a single structure, a distinctive crescent-shaped podium encircling the base and complementing the structure’s remarkable height. The multibillion-dollar development, commissioned by Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, chairman of Dubai World, will also include 250,000 sq m of hotels and hospitality space, 100,000 sq m of retail space and huge expanses of green spaces, including canal walks, parks and landscaping. The Tower itself, cited geographically central to Dubai at the intersection of Sheikh Zayed Road and the Arabian canal, will aim to complement surrounding developments, such as Jumeirah Park and Discovery Gardens.

In terms of design the architects have sought inspiration not just from Islamic design but also from the Islamic principles of inclusion, innovation, diversity, excellence, growth and progress: “These are the principles that have motivated and guided Islamic culture throughout history. Now they are shaping the cities of the future,” explained Sultan Bin Sulayem. To this end, the architects have sought inspiration and incorporated elements from the great Islamic cities of the past such as the gardens of Alhambra in Spain, the harbour of Alexandria in Egypt, and the bridges of Isfahan in Iran.

Sustainability and safety will be key to the development of the tower, with the latest standards and technology incorporated in its development, Sultan Bin Sulayem believes it will “send another message to the world that Dubai has a vision like no other place on earth.”

John Edwards

Key Facts

Status Design
Value 0(m€)
Woods Bagot

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