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Guest House Tokyo, tokyo, Japan

Friday 03 Oct 2008

The comfort of living alone

Guest House Tokyo by KINO architects in tokyo, Japan
KINO architects 
Guest House Tokyo by KINO architects in tokyo, Japan Guest House Tokyo by KINO architects in tokyo, Japan Guest House Tokyo by KINO architects in tokyo, Japan
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Size counts in this Tokyo home built for one 

The site is in a suburb of Tokyo. This is a high-density residential area. The site is only about 46 sq m. Before, there was a detached house on this site. Called "Small house", in Tokyo, this size of house is not rare as this type of house was the dream for a nuclear household. They wanted a detached house. But, recently the nuclear household is decreasing, while a one-person household is increasing in Japan. Taking the old nuclear household dream and adjusting it to today's one-person's household reality this project represents a new ideal for living space.

This small apartment consists of a basement floor, loft, and the first floor for a single occupier. The second floor is rented out as a single person abode.

The owner requested a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, guest room, terrace, garage, bath, toilet, storage and rented room. First, it was felt that all these rooms could not fit in this small building. In these cases, a standard procedure employed by the architects is to reduce the number of rooms by making one multi purpose room. However, this time, they tried another way following the owners statement that: "I want my home to be cozy." This opinion inspired the following result. The size of each room was reduced. In this way, all the rooms in this building would fit and the comfort of living alone could be created.

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