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Mehrzeller, Dusseldorf, Germany

Monday 01 Sep 2008

Customizing caravans

Mehrzeller by Strange but true in Dusseldorf, Germany
Mehrzeller by Strange but true in Dusseldorf, Germany Mehrzeller by Strange but true in Dusseldorf, Germany Mehrzeller by Strange but true in Dusseldorf, Germany Mehrzeller by Strange but true in Dusseldorf, Germany Mehrzeller by Strange but true in Dusseldorf, Germany
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18/11/09 ghanshyam, jaipur
This really superior. This looking a rock. i am happy for it.

thank for sharing.
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02/09/08 Keith Mason, London
Virtually no natural light, arodynamically hopeless and uncomfortable interiors (imagine washing up with that bulge bashing your knees). And even uglier than conventional caravans!
02/09/08 Adrian Govindsamy, Durban, South Africa
Nice idea, but totally impractical - look at the ergonomics and anthropometrics regarding interior space for movement and utilities.

If you're going to "Banglelise" a caravan, at least give some thought to the tail lights too!

Like most architectural student's proposals, great ideas which are unfortunately not thoroughly developed for practicality.

Adrian Govindsamy
Professional Architect
South Africa
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The Austrian architects and software making mobile living chic 

When imagining the good life we are likely to dream of penthouse apartments, beach front condos and countryside mansions. But in Austria, architects are being facilitated to make the humble caravan appear in your thought bubble instead.

The Mehrzeller concept is the creation of a customised mobile living space using a customer-focused software package to shape the basic design according to preferences including number of occupants, wardrobe space, kitchen design and even gender. Once the basic needs are considered, in-house architects then step in to create a bespoke and chic living space for the occupants.

The project, which started at the Technical University of Graz, Faculty of Architecture as a thesis, was a result of support from well-known companies including Simona, Moralt, Reim, BMW and many more - its popularity, Mehrzeller believe, originating from a modern need for mobile architecture.

“Mobile housing, in today's fast paced world has an ever increasing role. At the same time, the desire for a stable home and own personal needs requires customization to give four walls with individual character. In the camper scene is the call for a new design and this concept answers ever louder and more individual requirements for a suitable and comfortable accommodation form.”

Mehrzeller got the wheels in motion at a preview in Dusseldorf’s Caravan Salon 2008 this week and will be available for viewing again at the Caravan Salon of Austria on the 19th October.

Key Facts

Status Concept design
Value 0(m€)
Strange but true

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