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UAE Master Planning, United Arab Emirates

Friday 22 Aug 2008

RNL unveil four major Emirates projects

UAE Master Planning by RNL in United Arab Emirates
UAE Master Planning by RNL in United Arab Emirates UAE Master Planning by RNL in United Arab Emirates UAE Master Planning by RNL in United Arab Emirates UAE Master Planning by RNL in United Arab Emirates UAE Master Planning by RNL in United Arab Emirates UAE Master Planning by RNL in United Arab Emirates
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02/09/08 Bob, Red Bank
Sorry that the lessons learned from designing communities with the automobile as primary on grade arterial transportation systems, has not been learned and these communities are doomed to become like American suburbes trying to fix themselves too late.
31/08/08 MAG, Dubai
simply the project is week , design wise and images don't reflect the discription @ all .!
28/08/08 SM, Dubai
I'm afraid that I can't understand the point (s) that MAG is making.
Can anyone enlighten me?
26/08/08 MAG, Dubai
Master plan grid lines are arbitrary lines that divides the site into scattered zones in which each zone still have also eclectic parcelsa geometry , no hierarchy no unity linier Vs radial and grid lines that are trying to create green spines though the combination is not taking in consideration site forces , potentials and challenges , building heights is not emphasizing any particular issue has nothing to do with the water front! street hierarchy! or even buildings' density, 3d images r not reflecting any creativity plus one of the images is "madinat jumierah" copy !!!!! Buildings materials and landscape !!!!!!
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26/08/08 Hameed abid RIBA, Richmond. england

This is brilliant.

We will need similar ones in Iraq.

Keep the good work. well done.

Kind regards

Hameed Abid

World-class urban developments to rise in UAE 

Master plans by RNL for four communities where residents will live, work, and play have been revealed. The designs were showcased at the Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2008, an annual international real estate investment and development event and exhibition.

The ambitious projects of Al Ghadeer, Ghantoot, Lu’Luat Al Raha, Shams represent over 15 million sq m of land development for communities ranging in size from 8,000 residents to over 100,000 residents and a collective total built-up area of over 18 million sq m.

RNL’s urban vision aims to create functional urban settlements that will encourage a balanced, mixed-use pedestrian-friendly environment and all-round comfort of living.

Al Ghadeer‘s master planning was commissioned by Sorouh Real Estate, Abu Dhabi's leading real estate developer. Due to its strategic location at the Abu Dhabi - Dubai border, the self sustaining community is set to become a major hub between the two Emirates. The three million sq m site will provide affordable housing for 20,000 residents promoting mainly low to medium density neighbourhoods. It will be characteristically lined with open space corridors that will connect neighbourhoods; several pedestrian underpasses will allow unobstructed access beneath several of the high traffic streets, discouraging dependency on vehicular transportation. Advanced technological features including WiFi will also cover the entire community.

Ghantoot Development in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is a large settlement for 100,000 residents: they will be able to enjoy the resort-like location at this historic tree plantation oasis along the Gulf halfway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai with convenient access to local ports and airports. RNL planned the community as to a unique and sustainable multi-use centre, a landmark for the region and a tourist destination with state of the art amenities including marinas, an equestrian center, a beachfront resort hotel and golf course.

The master and urban planning of the Lu’luat Al Raha site at the center of the Al Raha Beach is focused on developing a strong community feeling based along the water front. It consists of 470,000 sq m of built up area on a newly reclaimed island of 235,000 sq m. The mixed-use area of Lu’luat Al Raha Development is linked to adjacent developments via a landscaped boulevard and commuter light rail system, which connects the Abu Dhabi airport with downtown Abu Dhabi.

Unlike the other projects, Shams Abu Dhabi will be the only new settlement that will consist of a majority high rise residential buildings. Literally translated as “The Sun of Abu Dhabi”, Shams Abu Dhabi, will rise on part of Al Reem Island and hopes to be a thriving centre of urban activity carefully planned around the surrounding water.

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