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Moro House, Queretaro, Qro, Mexico

Monday 11 Aug 2008

Fusion of materials with design

Moro House by Anonimous-LED in Queretaro, Qro, Mexico
Moro House by Anonimous-LED in Queretaro, Qro, Mexico Moro House by Anonimous-LED in Queretaro, Qro, Mexico Moro House by Anonimous-LED in Queretaro, Qro, Mexico Moro House by Anonimous-LED in Queretaro, Qro, Mexico
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23/08/08 Jorge Icaza, Tijuana
La convinación de texturas que da la piedra con el concreto y madera, crea un espacio cálido y acogedor ademas de dar sensación de confort naturalidad organizando un espacio armónico, contrastando las texturas el color y la naturalidad de los materiales.

La Fachada:
La conbinación de concreto, con la duela de la puerta horizontal y la piedra da la impresión de modernismo y naturalidad contrastando la textura de los materiales, el piso de recinto negro le da profundidad, así como los cetos verdes te indican el acceso lateral, me parece una conbinación interesante resaltando la volumetría, armonizando con los materiales del interior, logrando una unidad en el proyecto interior y exterior.<br>
The combination of texture that is given by the stone with concrete and wood, creating a lido space that's comfortable and cozy. Besides giving a feeling of comfort and naturalness organizing a space of contrasting textures and natural colours of the materials.

The Facade:
The combination ranging from concrete, with the hurt of the door and horizontal stone gave the naturalness of modernism and contrasting texture of materials, the floor of black enclosure gives depth, as well as the CET green you indicate access side, I seems an interesting combination highlighting the volume, harmonizing with the materials inside, achieving a unit in the proposed interior and exterior.
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23/08/08 Pamela, Mexico
La tendencia de la Arquitectura Moderna, invita a integrar los materiales naturales con el contraste de la Creatividad en el Diseo.<br>
The trend of modern architecture, invites integration with natural materials with the contrast of Creativity in the design.
22/08/08 Luzma, Tijuana
Me parece una casa INCREIBLE, desde la fachada porque tiene una cimetría muy interesante y moderna y sus interiores tambien me gustan muchisimo, el pasillo se ve super arquitectonico y acogedor por la convinación de materiales tan de buen gusto y modernos.<br>
It strikes me as an INCREDIBLE home from the facade because it has a very interesting and modern interior and I also like much, the corridor is super friendly architecturally and the range of materials is so tasteful and modern.
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18/08/08 Alex, Chicago
The combination of cold hard concrete and warm wood makes for a stunning look that's not easily forgotten. This house is a tribute to the old adage, "less is more." Simply beautiful. For an even more modern look, check out Y-house by this talented group. Well done.

Rawness and sophistication in Mexican design 

Two concrete boxes superimpose and slide, creating space for open-air life. The boxes separate the public spaces on the ground floor from the private spaces on the first floor. A series of boxes of different materials cross the concrete ones enclose more defined spaces - access and gallery in a wooden box; utilitarian spaces such as the kitchen, laundry room, employees’ and guest bathrooms lie within a black stone-slab box; dining and living room in a crystal box.

On the second floor a second crystal box enfolds the Jacuzzi and flies over the garden generating a larger shade-area in the terrace.

The materials undress themselves showing outside what they can offer inside. The concrete, heavy and opaque, decompose going through the black stone-slab more handmade and cosy to get to the crystal box totally ethereal. The spaces take place through the boxes, which define the ambience and the relationship between technology and nature.

Moro exemplifies a rawness with naked concrete and natural wood walls, yet the design remains cohesive and integrates smoothly with the lighting and interior design to create a sophisticated and cutting edge design.


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