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Madinat al-Hareer/City of Silk, Subiya, Kuwait

Thursday 24 Jul 2008

Silk to thread Gulf nations together

Madinat al-Hareer/City of Silk by CivicArts/Eric R Kuhne Associates in Subiya, Kuwait
Madinat al-Hareer/City of Silk by CivicArts/Eric R Kuhne Associates in Subiya, Kuwait Madinat al-Hareer/City of Silk by CivicArts/Eric R Kuhne Associates in Subiya, Kuwait Madinat al-Hareer/City of Silk by CivicArts/Eric R Kuhne Associates in Subiya, Kuwait
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14/08/09 Anthonie van Vliet, Lelystad
By far the greatest design of the super-tall highrises! I hope and pray this incredible marvel of engineering becomes reality... Of course I worry about the adverse effects of the credit crunch, I hope this magnificent project will ride safely through the economic storms of today..<p>

If Kuwait and Eric Kuhne Associates can realize this project, mankind will have a precious jewel surpassing the pyramids of Egypt. As a citizen of the world, it doesn't matter to me where Burj Mubarak Al Kabir is build, it only matters that it is being built.
This project will be a triumph of mankind, a celebration of life, and most important of all: bringing back the optimisms technology and science will make our lives better.
Amongst the competitors Nakheel Tower, Jeddah Kingdom Tower, this tower wins, it's beauty is staggering, the project as bold, brave and magnificent as the Apollo project was 40 years ago. May this 1001 dream be the oriental glory to bring happiness and hope to all the citizens of the world. May God bless the building team! Anthonie van Vliet M.Sc. Netherlands
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03/04/09 ismael, kuwait
it just started.........

14/08/08 amourabi, strasbourg
This is not unsinkable. Given that in 2 to 5 years the sea will rise by several meters caused by the melting of ice of greenland.
When you build on sand it is found in the sand. Good luck!

j'espère que c'est insubmersible étant donné que dans 2 à 5 ans la mer va monter de plusieurs mètres à cause de la fonte des glaces du groenland.
Lorsqu'on batit sur le sable on se retrouve dans le sable. Celà étant dit bonne chance !
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£66 billion masterplan will include rail network linking Gulf nations 

Madinat al-Hareer, or City of Silk is a colossal development-in-planning with an expanse of 250 sq km, roughly the same size as Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh. Taking its name from the historic Silk Road, a route which connected Europe and China via the Middle East, the project will echo this sentiment creating a rail network linking Kuwait to Damascus, Baghdad, Iran and China, it has been announced. The project aims to act as a passageway from Kuwait to Israel and increase links between the two countries.

This week also saw the announcement that funding for City of Silk has been increased from £43 billion to £66 billion. The Kuwait Government have set up a special authority to handle the development, the Kuwait Centre for Strategic Studies presided over by Sami Alfaraj. He told Reuters:

"We are not dreamers at all when we talk about investing $132bn, (£66billion).

"We're thinking on a different plane, because we cannot afford to think like everyone else. We're thinking about something that might seem unimaginable…We're going to outmanoeuvre everybody who is going to remain in the old mode of thinking about economic prospects."

Talking of the links to Israel Alfaraj said: “People in the Gulf are smart enough to understand the impact of technology on their development, and they know that the technology is in Israel.”

Situated in Subiya opposite Kuwait City, City of Silk is set to include the world’s tallest tower, several designated zones or ‘cities’ for media, sport, culture, health and business among others, and a National Wildlife Sanctuary and parks. The city complex, masterplanned by British architects CivicArts (aka Eric R Kuhne Associates), will also include Olympic Stadia, residences, hotels and retail facilities. Up to 700,000 people could be housed in the city which is set to be built across Kuwait Bay and will be linked to Kuwait City by a 23.5 kilometre long bridge. There is also the prospect of a new airport for the city.

The centre-piece of City of Silk will be Burj Mubarak al-Kabir, a 1001 metre tall tower, almost 200 metres taller than the Burj Dubai is set to be at its highest point, and almost twice the height of Taipei 101.

Planning is currently going through the Kuwait Government but CivicArts hope that the development could be complete by 2023 and advised that their involvement in the process will be ongoing once a decision is reached.

Niki May Young
News Editor

Key Facts

Status Planning
Value 83000(m€)
CivicArts/Eric R Kuhne Associates

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