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Strange But True, London, United Kingdom

Monday 23 Jun 2008

Top architects have a wobble

Strange But True by Strange but true in London, United Kingdom
courtesy of Bompas and Parr 
Strange But True by Strange but true in London, United Kingdom Strange But True by Strange but true in London, United Kingdom Strange But True by Strange but true in London, United Kingdom
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Jelly-making contest attracts big architects to University event 

It's not your usual design competition. As part of the London Festival of Architecture, the University College of London (UCL) has challenged architects to come up with creative designs that not only look good but taste good too – Jelly buildings (yes, that's buildings made of jelly). Far from a student mess around, the competition has inspired top architects including Will Alsop, Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners, Foster and Partners and SMC Alsop to get their moulds at the ready.

But it's not just a silly game, of course, Professor Stephen Gage, UCL Bartlett School of Architecture and one of the judges, has his own ideas on how architecture and jelly relate. He says: “As babies, we first learn about our world by touching it and putting bits of it in our mouth. Part of our subconscious appreciation of shape may well be a dim memory of how it might feel in our mouth. Thus, a dome is round and coolly satisfying, while a pointed building is like a sharp and dangerous knife. Jelly architecture returns architecture to the mouth, where we can once again taste it."

The jellies have already been whittled down to ten finalists who will be much anticipating the final face off 'Jelly Banquet' on the 4th July where the winning design will be revealed and all remnants gobbled up in a wobble-feast.

To attend the banquet or for more information please visit the events sponsors', Bompas and Parr, website.

Niki May Young
News Editor

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