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Albert Park Residence, Melbourne, Australia

Friday 30 Nov 2007

Renovation of Albert Park Residence

Albert Park Residence by Matt Gibson A+D in Melbourne, Australia
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Matt Gibson A+D completes the renovation of Albert Park Residence in Australia 

This renovation project involves the story of 2 pavilions. At the front a classic Victorian workers cottage and at the rear a new contemporary addition. The layout over the long narrow block involves a series of figure / ground relationships with 2 central courtyards mediating 3 built elements. The scheme is given additional resonance via level & materials changes. The central mirrored courtyard acts as a powerful interstitial space & a metaphorical bridge of history between the front & rear dwelling. Decking boards run inside to outside spaces, and the concealed fold away doors confuse and blur notions of interior and exterior. Continuity of material and colour is integral to the sense of flow & movement and the telling of the tale of the site’s history.

Matt Gibson A+D

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