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The Apeiron, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tuesday 11 Sep 2007

The blue lagoon

The Apeiron by Sybarite UK Ltd in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Apeiron by Sybarite UK Ltd in Dubai, United Arab Emirates The Apeiron by Sybarite UK Ltd in Dubai, United Arab Emirates The Apeiron by Sybarite UK Ltd in Dubai, United Arab Emirates The Apeiron by Sybarite UK Ltd in Dubai, United Arab Emirates The Apeiron by Sybarite UK Ltd in Dubai, United Arab Emirates The Apeiron by Sybarite UK Ltd in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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17/11/10 johny troll, trolllington
So what happens when a massive storm comes blowing threw ?
04/08/10 Wiggy, London
I am not sure if I have forgotten how to read or not but I am quite sure it states that this hotel is to be built in Dubai not Beirut....
Anyhow it would be some rich secular state that would build such AMAZINGLY pointless yet very expensive architecture...
This is the problem with a world of experts in all fields that are put to work on such pointless extravagant projects, fuelled by profits and greed, when the worlds brightest could better use their talents to,....I don’t know,..
Find a way to turn barren deserts to agricultural lands to eliminate starvation in Africa...
Or to find a meaningful and worthwhile long term solution to mans fuel needs..
Its time the human race built stamina and strength in numbers to tackle specific world issues..
We have the technological advances and resources in our time to solve any problem in an inexpensive and proficient manner, but personal and corporate greed as well as corruption at the decision making levels are handicapping the brainwashed majority in order to pile wealth on wealth in the hands of a few,

Shame on you
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23/02/10 molly, louisville, KY, USA
the architecture is really neat, but that has to be awful for the environment. i mean, where is all the waste going? into the ocean, that's where. how disgusting...
17/01/09 Saulius, England
it is sick....... i dont have words 4 this building....its perfect and unique..........
Hope to see this in a real LIFE soon......
16/11/08 chadi, copenhagen
I would hope that it will be a good hotel and that all will travel to Lebanon to view the hotels because it is a beautiful hotel and that is a good prospect to Beirut and midel sea
07/10/08 hesha, finland
unbelievable but exciting! what a great architects

Sybarite Architects design the Apeiron in Dubai 

The Crescent Lagoon is an underwater sculpted landscape with colourful corals & sea water plant life cultivated to create a unique & surreal world. On Level 00 there's a boat jetty in the building’s atrium & from this level there is access to the private beach, gardens, fresh water pools & the crescent lagoon. The building atrium is over 50m high. On Level 00 & -01 (under the beach) a Health Club and Spa is located containing private saunas, steam, treatment and massage rooms and several fresh water pools at different temperatures located outside as well as inside with different lighting at night. Large windows from the Level -01 Spa offer the opportunity to look into the lagoon and see the coral & fish; day and night. On Level 09 a helipad located 55m above the Arabian Gulf with bridge access across to the ninth floor of the hotel. On Level 11 an outdoor garden with views down the atrium through the building to the sea below & boat jetty as well as views out to sea. Dramatic surroundings with the remainder of the building lifting from the garden level, full size palm trees & fresh water pools. Pools in turn light the restaurant & art gallery below. On Level 28 a double height rooftop Butterfly Jungle level with a unique backdrop of the Arabian Gulf nearly 200m below. The temperature & humidity would be artificially controlled to make it a very relaxing & unique space. The hotel will also contains a number of private clubs, private cinemas, luxury boutiques, conference rooms, restaurants with menus from all around the world. Restaurants & bars (alcoholic & non alcoholic) distributed throughout building from Level 28 to the underwater restaurant at Level -01. The building’s shape creates natural shade on the brunt of the external facades to protect against the direct noon sunlight (which is harsh in the Gulf). The internal façade has louvers to prevent direct solar gain and the louvers are made up of solar cells as is the ribbon that frames the building and gives the Apeiron it’s name (meaning infinity). The energy calculations estimate that the building will generate two thirds of its own energy.

Key Facts

Status Design
Value 0(m€)
Sybarite UK Ltd

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