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Nido Student Accommodation, Kings Cross, London, United Kingdom

Wednesday 27 Sep 2006

State-of-the-art digs

Nido Student Accommodation, Kings Cross by AHMM Architects in London, United Kingdom
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11/01/11 Boudi Saleh, London
Nido is the worst place you could ever stay in London. The staff are extremely unhelpful and not friendly at all. If you ever face a maintenance problem it takes forever to be fixed.

They also work to have you sign a long contract which you can not break. Be careful what you sign. The terms are horrible (i.e. they have a clause where they are allowed to kick you out of your room and ask you to move to another at any time!!!... they did with me... for no obvious reason)

The students who stay at Nido are POSH and not so approachable as well.

They have a clause in the contract where you are not allowed to have frds over for more than 8 days a month (the frd has to be an adult). If your frd happens to be "not carrying" a photo ID he will not be allowed into the building even for a freakin visit!!!!!

Nido is also breaking the british law. Apparently, they are not allowed to issue licenses for students and they are finding a way to get away for it. Having license (the way they do it) gives you much less rights (i.e. no privacy, they are allowed to get into your room at any time you are not allowed to sublease your room in case you decide to escape this horrible place)

Management is also totally unprofessional. They are worse than their staff and they represent the worst example of british hospitality.

In addition, be careful when you come for a viewing at Nido. They will tell you there is only one room available for viewing. They will show you a brand new room and you will be impressed (my case). then when you move in, they will give a worn out room. I had to go through several conversations for them to fix my kitchen top which was severely damaged and not bearable, I had to argue with them to fix my shower which does not deliver warm water (only COLD!!! and in London's winter... yup.. take that!), I had to fight with them to fix my ventilation system as well. Not to mention, the broken lounge chair, the stuck gum on my desk chair which damaged two of my pants without me knowing....etc

I have been here for 4 months and the shower is not fixed yet:)

The area in which Nido is located is jam packed. It is a very trashy area and pretty awful. You will get stuck in huge traffic if you are commuting with the bus or a taxi and will take you forever to get to where you want to get. If you are thinking of using the tube... then think again.... with the tube striking every other week... you are in no position but to use the overly crowded buses.

A night out in the city is perfect... but when you are living in Nido... you have to think about calling off your party earlier than your frds. Nido is not close to the hot scene of partying.

All in all, my experience at Nido sucks and I hope this saves as many hassle for as much as it could for those you are considering Nido. Please take my advise and rent outside a dorm. You will find very good deals, just don't rush yourself. Nido tries to sell itself as the dorm where everything will be ready for you to move in... in terms of water, electricity and internet... but honestly... you will suffer to get those working up to a good quality..

I forgot to mention the lifts at Nido... every tower has two lifts. every week there will be definitely a lift that does not work. You end up waiting forever to get to your room or to the lobby...

The laundry room is very expensive compared to other places and it is often jam packed and you have to wait for hours to get a free spot...

Good luck!
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AHMM architects design state-of-the-art student digs in Kings Cross 

With an investment of over £95 million, The Blackstone Group is unveiling the group’s first major student housing development called ‘Nido London’ located in King’s Cross. Operating under the brand name ‘Nido’ meaning nest in Spanish and Italian, Blackstone is focusing on an international roll out of this scheme. The building is also having an additional podium block built around the base of the towers. Completion date is due for September 2007 and will cover 16 floors, will have a total net area 217,000sq ft and be 59.7m tall. This will comprise 846 student en-suite rooms, known as Nido cubes within the two towers housing 950 students, 50 private apartments, 14 affordable apartments, retail units and commercial space. Three retail units will front on to Pentonville Road totalling 14,143 sq ft. There is also 19,956 sq ft of commercial space with separate access off Pentonville Road. There is a basement with 41 car parking spaces and 250 bicycle storage spaces.

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AHMM Architects

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