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Water Theatre, Las Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

Tuesday 05 Sep 2006

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Water Theatre by Grimshaw in Las Palma, Canary Islands, Spain
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07/06/11 lloyd, JAMAICA
this is very very good i love this project i wish i could be there to see and experience it first hand
31/08/10 David, Sanda City, Japan
I am getting the word out and sharing this technology with everyone I know! As with anything new, further refinements of this Water Theater will undoubtedly make it a viable part of any comprehensive water management program. I first learned about this on the Discovery Channel as well! It sounded too good to be true! If enough actual up and running projects can demonstrate their proven effectiveness with repeatable and verifiable data in living up to their claims of providing clean desalinated water at a reasonable cost, the next hurdle will be to overcome the extremely well financed multi-trillion dollar oil industry that currently benefits from antiquated desalination plants and the entrenched myopic political processes that are forever holding us back from progress! Currently there are numerous places all over the earth that could benefit from such technology! This definitely deserves a major financial injection of "global stimulus funds" to expand and develop further prototypes and projects of this sort! Yet, its success can only be realized fully with individual entrepreneurial initiative and a critical mass of public relations events that derives support from the public at large. Convincing people to change their preconceptions about innovative technologies that are a win-win solution for the greater good will be a challenge as it always is! Nonetheless, we have to keep a positive attitude and keep making an effort in promoting longterm solutions to the challenges that are in front of us today!
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19/05/10 Richard Mousley, Belves
I caught an item about Mr. Paton and this project on Discovery. Together with his greenhouse project these must ensure Mr. Paton's candidature for a Nobel prize. I cannot think of a more appropriate project over which to enthuse and I sincerely hope that many such examples will soon populate those regions immediately in need. Indeed, the IMF should be supporting this and making loans to developing countries conditional upon adoption. It gives one hope for the future of mankind upon this planet! I trust that the possible side effects of climate change such as rising sea levels are taken into account when selecting sites for construction.
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22/02/10 Amanda, Amsterdam
Hi HI Alan, I read your post with interest. I watched a discovery programme about this idea yesterday and wondered if there was some way to get involved in one of these amazing projects from a financial and/or project management perspective. I'm curious how your idea in Cyprus has developed..and also if you are aware of proejcts of this nature in other parts of the world?
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30/01/10 crecencio, tumacacori
finally there is a change in the mentality of building things that cover 2 or more purposes, this is great... great. what about mining that constantly move millions of soil, rocks and making long piles, can they design and use it to do more things with it...
14/12/08 Alan Wall, Limassol, Cyprus
Cyprus is now suffering from a severe shortage of water. The government is embarking on a process of introducing desalination plants to provide this water. I watched a Discovery Science programme on TV on which they described the the water theatre concept. I am a retired Englih instrumentation and control engineer with experience of desalination plants in the middle east and the concept has raised my interest in trying to get government in Cyprus to look at this concept in place of desalination plants.
I live near the Akrotiri peninsular which is one of the sites being propossed for a desalination plant. Less than a km from the shore the water is a 1000m deep, the air is invariably humid, even at this time of year it is 70% , but especially in the summer.
Cyprus has no natural form of energy so desalinated water would be very expensive to produce but if the energy of the sun, of which the Island has an abundance, is utilised naturally in the formation of humidity then basically, from what I understand, all that would be required is electrical energy to drive pumps and fans.
The Island is awash wth degree qualified engineers and architects would they, if the government approved the idea, be allowed to use the pricipals of the water theatre to design and develop their own version or is it covered by patents etc ?
Also do you think this technology could be used in Cyprus on a scale large enough to produce fresh water for approx. 800000 people.
Alan Wall - Souni-Zanatzia, Cyprus
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Grimshaw’s Water Theatre combines amphitheatre and carbon-neutral desalination plant 

The city of Las Palmas in the Canary Islands invited proposals for regenerating the industrialised port area. Grimshaw’s proposal, in conjunction with Seawater Greenhouse included ways in which the island could move towards self-sufficiency in renewable energy and fresh water. The scheme uses coupled evaporators and condensers to produce large quantities of distilled water. The Canary Islands, being volcanic in origin, have very steep sides, which make it easy to reach water at approximately eight degrees centigrade from a depth of 1,000m below sea level. An added benefit for the scheme is that the Canary Islands have a very steady and warm northeasterly wind. The combination of these two environmental factors - the warm wind aiding evaporation and the deep seawater creating a very cold condensing surface - creates a highly productive water purification system.

Charlie Paton of Seawater Greenhouse talks to WAN about the technology behind this project

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