Victoria Transport Interchange Eight Inscribed Houses and three courtyards Guest House Tokyo Villa UH1 Lo House Alpa House
"Hanging Gardens" MegaStar Mixed-Use Development Max’s house in a small lake Apex House city view tower The Powerhouse
Koolhaas HouseLife Lace apartments Juniper House Dar Al Dhabi Al-Sharq Towers The Aleph Naypyidaw
Boukyo Mudgee Permanent Camping 22 Tarrytown Road Apartment house Gradaŝka Industrial designer house 56 Leonard Street
Garland 77 Folded House Sydney Harbour house No.1 Redondo Beach Container Home Olympiakwartier Whale beach house
Mashud's Residence Croatia at the Venice Biennale Chelsea Modern Be at Newhall 23 East 22nd Street One York Tribeca