Planning For Housing
N+ fashion city SkyHabitat Wood high-rise Residential apartments Réinventer Paris competition Paddington development
King Alfred redevelopment Modular Housing Timber-framed residential building LeJeune Residence Old Oak Common redevelopment Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé
WAN Residential Award 2015 Winner Announced Megatall skyscrapers Le Toison d’Or Just BE apartments West Shanghai Workers’ Cultural Palace Supertall skyscrapers
Slanted House Renzo Piano condominium tower Tech Spot #38: Zero-carbon homes Brownfield regeneration House M ‘Valdemars Have’
2016 Pritzker Architecture Prize Tech Spot #37: Civil Defence jetpacks Raumplan House Mixed-use tower Chalet Solelyâ Lake Jasper House
Casa LA Home building, ZAC Masséna The Shanghai Tower Casa Atlântica Heathdale Residence Pool House