WAN Awards 2018
One Bayfront Plaza Litro Nokia Flagship Mixed-Use Tower Comcast Center Peninsular Offices and Park Inn Hotel
9th October Administrative Complex Beorma Quarter Gunpowder Mill Zhaoqing Mixed Use Development Esashi Ryotei Kuki Boundary
Regional Head Office - Standard Bank wNw Cafe Bird Wing Santos Headquarters wNw Bar Stockland Head Office
Challenger Workplace Port of Portland Headquarters Building and Parking Garage 2 (HQP2) Crown Center Square NICTA Building - Site D 181 William Street Bendigo Bank
Ajman Waterfront - Almeria Bay Site One Urban Outfitters Corporate Campus Schiecentrale 4B Elements Mall Ion Orchard
Elm Park Green & Urban Quarter Wohn - und Geschäftshaus Webersbleiche The Hong Kong Jockey Club Beijing Clubhouse Chrome Triose Linked Hybrid