WAN Awards 2018
Federation of Korean Industries Headquarters Maple House Siemens Middle East Headquarters Tencent Offices 250 Bowery EDITION Hotel, Times Square
Comcast Innovation and Technology Center Korea Appraisal Board Headquarters in Daegu Inaugure Hospitality Headquarters Redevelopment of the former Panhard car factory in Porte d'Ivry Clarke Street Apartment Development Naguru-Nakawa Urban Regeneration
Palace of Westminster Axel Springer Media Campus Lavenue Crown Hotel 10 Brock Street Ulaanbaatar Hilton Downtown Markham, Signature Condominium Collection
Living Stair at Ampersand Offices Pertamina Energy Tower Iniala Beach House Zurich Headquarters Rosewood Abu Dhabi Energyville
Bund Finance Centre Hefei ID Mall Outlet Village Kievsky and Retail Park Tertiary campus IN/OUT South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport - Terminal 3
The Mall of Baltia Parcel Q Adaptive Reuse Competition Entries Baumkirchen Mitte Mini M