WAN Awards 2017
Straights Forum Convention Center Perimeter City Zhifu Fashion City Hopuhopu Tribal Centre Universiade Culture Park Bournemouth: Sunrise to Sunset beach huts
BizBox - Solar Powered Mobile Building Salt River Fields at Talking Stick Campbell Sports Center, Columbia University Central Park Footbridge, Olympic Site American Express Community Stadium ECO PARK MUSOLLA
Marlowe Theatre London 2012 Shooting Venue Eisenhower Memorial Arts Complex Diamond Arena Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
Tech Focus: Kalzip FC Façade Musée d’Art Soweto Theatre Sportime/John McEnroe Tennis Academy The Heerenschürli sports facilities Mbombela Football & Rugby Stadium
firstsite Still Movement Skipark 360° Timber Wave WAN AWARDS Colour in Architecture 2011 Jane's Carousel
WAN AWARDS 2011 - Colour in Architecture WAN AWARDS 2011 - Commercial sector New Taipei City Museum of Art Young Centre for the Performing Arts New Taipei City Museum of Art Pavilion at The Dock