WAN Awards 2018
Windhover Contemplative Center Expo 2015 UK Pavilion Shanghai Planetarium Yacht Clubhouse Garden Bridge Minister's Defence Guggenheim Helsinki six finalists
Guilin Qi Xing International Golf Clubhouse Milan Expo 2015 Spain Pavilion Lucas Museum of Narrative Art Red Square Tolerance Pavilion Competition Hagastaden Building Venice Biennale 2015 Australian Pavilion
Expo 2015 Slovenian Pavilion  2015 EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 5 finalists Expo 2015 China Pavilion Vaulted Willow Comedie de Bethune Greenwich Gateway Pavilions
Zhoushan Sports Stadium 2015 EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture Konzerthaus Sci-Arc: "What's a Guggenheim" Symposium Architecture meets art in vibrant style Wuhan Park Place
The Grand Auditorium of the Maison de la Radio Knarvik Community Church Queen's Wharf Brisbane Brick by William Hall Jesuit High School Chapel The Heart of Yiwu
Omagh Leisure Complex Wellington College Performing Arts Centre Wanda Movie Park Han Show Theatre Charity Tree Aqua Mooloolaba