WAN Awards
Villa complex Romsdal museum Serpentine Summer Houses Serpentine Gallery Pavilion Innovation centre Wehrhahn Line
Tech Spot #42: RT 2012 House Local NHS hospital One Lansdowne Road St Mary Redcliffe Design Competition MaHouse Nine Elms property development
La Tour Residential Tower Tower Works competition Nelson Mandela Bridge Glass House Tech Spot #41: Metro Line 9 New Palau Blaugrana Arena
Strachan House 12 New Fetter Lane London high-rise development Wood high-rise Museum of Ethnography Sports Hall
Residential apartments Réinventer Paris competition Paddington development King Alfred redevelopment Clever Park Monverde - Wine experience hotel
Albert Sloman Library and Silberrad Student Centre Modular Housing Madrid Rio (Manzanares Lineal Park) Old Oak Common redevelopment Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé The Tip of Redmolen