120 Moorgate West Stockwell Primary Care and Community Resource Centre Shopping Centre Renewal of Old Market Square Vodafone Stoke Call Center Facility Hungate mixed-use masterplan
New Documentation and Information Center for Bergen Belsen Memorial De Haviland Auditorium Kadampa Manjushri, Buddhist Temple Focus House House on the hillside Black Sea Gardens
Darwin Centre - Phase 2, Natural History Museum RATP Bus Centre Alsion Ørestad College Private House House in Comano
House in Carabbia CO2-Saver House of wood & steel The Tate Modern The Royal Library ARoS - Aarhus Kunstmuseum
Private villa New development in Haywards Heath Performers' House St. Jude’s Residence Mortuary & Post Mortem Suite And Laundry Development At St. James Hospital One Warrington Place, Mount Street
Jury Hotel, Lancaster Quay Criminal Courts Complex Technical Resort – Multifunctional business house Clare County Council New Headquarters Lighthouse Editorial