WAN Awards 2017
RIBA 175 Schools Competition for Parliament Design Harlow Town Centre 7 July Memorial Goodwood Sculpture City of London Information Centre San Jose Crematorium
Crystal Clear Helsinki Seafarers' Centre Almere Vision 2030 Manchester Metropolitan University, Birley Fields Campus Belgrade Theatre Ordup Culture Building
Kent Police Station AA Summer Pavilion 'Driftwood' H√łyanger Swimming Centre Creative Exchange Sherman Cymru Theatre Mata do Cabo Swimming Pool
Kalmar Museum of Art Westmeath County Council Civic Offices Kingsway College Savannah House in the Rotterdam Zoo Herbert Art Gallery & Museum Visitor Centre - Roman Theatre of Malaga
Myrtus Convetion Center The O2 London Wimbledon Centre Court Redevelopment The O2 Dublin Rush Library City Library
Westminster Abbey 2020 Bellahoj Swim Stadium Low Energy Apartments Bologna Civic Officies Cardiff Central Library J.S. Bach at Manchester Art Gallery