WAN Awards
Hugo Boss Store House of Fraser C42 Citroën Flagship Showroom 8x8 House Marchesini HQ Rotterdam City Tower
BMW Museum Schiebel Odense Harbour Odysseum Espace Victor Jara 201 Bishopsgate and Broadgate Tower
Cocoon HQ Google EMEA Engineering Hub Nørreport Train Station Science Park Linz, Mechatronik Building Sidney Stringer Academy Telheiro School
St David's Cardiff UK Lines of Torres Monument and Museum 22@ Business Park Vilamarina Product of the week Telefónica Corporate University in Bell-lloc Park
Pharos Business Park Andel's Hotel Battersea Power Station Master Plan Croatia Insurance Headquarters Building Headquarters of Belarusian Potassium Company Westside Shopping & Leisure Centre
Litro Peninsular Offices and Park Inn Hotel 9th October Administrative Complex The Natural Science Centre Beorma Quarter Gunpowder Mill