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Diamond Lotus Suwon Convention Center Dai Show Theatre Beijing Air and Space museum Fairyland Guorui Villa complex China Minmetals Corporation offices
Sanya Eyot scheme FPT University CDC “55 Timeless” Xin-Yi Residential Tower 2020 Japanese Olympic Stadium Early Years International School Wenzhou Zhixin Plaza
Tech Spot #20: National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Wei-Wu-Ying) 59BTP-House Japanese National Stadium The Presidential Archive of Korea Surat sky pool Stadium video
Mushrif Central Park IRENA headquarters Art Mill competition Danjiang Bridge 66MRN-House EXPO 2017
Urban amphitheatre Nanning Logan Century Neeson Cripps Academy  Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Container towers Fangshan Tangshan National Geopark
Taopu Sci-Tech City Vincom Landmark 81 Gyan Kund Pyramid Tower WAN Asia Awards Erciyes Congress and Cultural Centre