Sowwah Central Econtainer Bridge Sinkhole appears in Guangzhou Ningxia Exhibition Centre Zhengzhou Greenland Plaza Azura
Kuwait Maastricht Business School 8 Napier Condominium THR350 The Demonstration Zone, Huidong Xunliao Resort Community Development Cooled Conservatories, Gardens by the Bay Yingkou Library
Bicycle Bridge Proposal Xchanging Office Building HSR Jindu Sustainable Pavilion H-House (Hyun Deok Jae) China Resources Building
Siu Sai Wan Complex ZCB Zero Carbon Building East Hidd Housing Development Chengdu Tianfu Cultural and Performance Centre $11bn investment in Cambodian infrastructure Ta Phin Community House
Wangjing SOHO / Meiquan 22nd Century Sliced Porosity Block Green One UN House The Distinction Beret House Khan Residence
House of Five Elements House in the Hills Yatsugatake Villa Okazaki House House of a backstage Jinshui Wan Housing