WAN Awards 2018
IMX Corporate Campus Shoolini University Central Library Dubai 3D house Olaya Metro Station Wooden Orchids Hakka Contemporary Performance Hall
EM Quartier BC Prestige Singapore University of Technology & Design Cool School Competition Japan office building 42 Maslak
International Finance Square Dongfeng Town Shopping Mall Shanghai Natural History Museum Gualv New City General Hospital Nanning China Resources Centre Tower Bedok Integrated Complex
Kuwait University Admin Facilities Dongdaemun Design Plaza Tech Spot #2 - GIFT City Korea Gas Corporation Headquarters Customi-Zip The Pearl of Istanbul
Nanyang Learning Hub Batumi Law Court Ciputra Artpreneur Arts Centre Harumi Residential Towers Arista Krystal Laputa
Jeddah transport system Bee’ah headquarters Choice Schools Tmat Boey Eco-lodge Hannam-Dong HANDS Corporation Headquarters Bahrain Bay Four Seasons