WAN Awards 2017
Village Center, Puerto Bonito Marina and Resorts Blue Coral Rural Retreat United States Federal Courthouse Art Vault & Valuables Services (AV&VS) Addition to the Kimbell Art Museum
Port Authority Bus Terminal Star Luxe Punta Diamante Mixed Use Chak office building Casa SA Casa Jivi
Movement: Windsor Museum of Change Dinastia Competition Floating House Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy Art Gallery of Ontario 2401 Douglas
Gateway Art Tower Hearst Tower Stony Brook University Medical Center, Ambulatory Care Pavilion Essex County Hospital, Institute for Mental Health Policy, Research & Treatment Boston Museum of Fine Arts campus master program plan 1098 Wolfe Avenue Residence
Molly's Cabin A-House-A Tehama Grasshopper Haiti School Collapse Seadrift Residence University of South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute
Riverside Park South Blesso Loft AT House Harvard University Graduate Student Accommodation The Cooper Square Hotel Moore Street