WAN Awards
CSULB Village 15 Renwick LAPD Metropolitan Division Facility Riverwalk Olympia Place Los Altos Residence
615 South College USC Architectural Guild 58th Annual Dinner Chrysalis Amphitheatre Alai 1st Avenue Residence The Six
AMÉRICAS 1500 PennFirst Hospital Tech Spot #86: Data driven design Stellar Residences and Townhomes 260 Kent Avenue 56 Leonard Tower
Lower Sproul redevelopment 150 North Riverside Buddy Holly Hall Times Square redesign Double Duplex TREC
Minor and Stewart Towers Airport traffic control tower Tech Spot #84: Northeastern University American Copper New York Affordable Housing Challenge GARDEN CITY MEGA CITY: The Urban Ecosystems of WOHA
The Kapor Center 110 North Wacker Drive Border City MIRAGE High House Union Tower West