WAN Urban Challenge
Corner Glory, Air Garden and Stud Wall Lucas Museum of Narrative Art Novartis Office Building and Visitor Reception Engineering the 9/11 Memorial Museum Pavilion Foresta Lumina Thompson Rivers University Law School
South African Embassy Wanda Skyscraper The BIG Maze Clark Art Institute Sunshine Canyon Residence City Beach NYC
Stempel Complex, Florida International University Santa Monica Gateway Crescent McKinney and Olive Museo de Ciencias Ambientales (MCA) The CUBE 152 Elizabeth Street
Atlanta Braves Stadium Legacy ER-Allen The Frick Collection YOO Montreal Fifty Five Hudson Yards Institute of the Arts and Sciences, University of California
Mariners Harbor Library Rebuild by Design All Aboard Florida Philadelphia Art Museum Pulitzer Arts Foundation 9/11 Memorial Museum
Canadian National Holocaust Monument TILT at 360 CHICAGO Kingsway | Broadway Glacier Skywalk Harvard Art Museums Art Gallery of Greater Victoria