WAN Awards
US Federal Building Oklahoma City OK St Paul’s Place 40 Eastbourne Terrace ANZAC Hall DLR station Santa Fe towers
ImaginOn - The Joe & Joan Martin Center National Library Airport control tower Vienna Nagakin Tower Private House, Southwark Private House, Hampstead
Evelina Childrens Hospital Private Summer House September 11th Memorial Garden The Royal College of Physicians St Joseph's Chapel, The Oratory Infinity Tower
Academy of Fine Arts Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building Guangzhou Opera House Spinnaker Tower National Waterfront Museum Industrial Plant
Scottish Parliament Building Fawood Childrens'  Centre McLaren Technology Centre Stockley Academy Scottish Parliament Building Lewis Glucksman Gallery
111 South Wacker West Kowloon Cultural Quarter Seewurfel,  Mixed-Use Regeneration Development Ciudad de las Artes De La Warr Pavilion World Architecture Day