WAN Awards
Chalkidos Street Residence Prada Transformer Mogul Masjid 2012 Basketball Arena The Art Fund Pavilion London Array Concept
MiLoft Finnish Embassy Hatlehol Church Telefonica´s District C University of Nottingham Agricultural Campus Hermitage Plaza
Center for Civil and Human Rights Legend Park Efizia Tower The Hepworth Wakefield Polyclinic Campus M
Hawkhead Bodø Kulturhus and Library MiLoft launch at MIPIM Zhejiang University Medical Center Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters High-school in Le Bourget
James Cook University - School of Creative Arts Bangla Bari Neues Museum Think Tank CEPEMA – Environment Education and Research Center Gehry cut backs
Tsunami Museum Baghdad Renaissance Plan The Silhouette Concert and Congress Hall/Palacio de Congreso Urban Mediaspace GMS School