WAN Awards
Strongoli Museum WAN Awards 2009 40 Broadway 111 Lafayette Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum of African American History and Culture
City College Brighton and Hove GSA Design Excellence Awards Formula One Grand Prix Racing of Flins 1 and 20 Blackfriars Road Gravesend riverside renewal Hampstead, London NW3
Pecha Kucha Malltepe Park Shopping Center Central Embassy Bumrungrad International Clinic 6x11 Alpine hut Newark Primary School
Slussen Regeneration Great Ormond Street Casa Osler A New Infrastructure: Transit Solutions for Los Angeles Singapore Pavilion World Expo 2010 Tulsa parks master plan and implementation
Capella Resort 'Car Experience' - Automobile Museum New Biochemistry Building, University of Oxford Burj Dubai Tower Built Environs HQ Mater Hospital Redevelopment
Vista Center Cellar 14 Viñas Mornington Centre WAN Education Award 2009 Perfume Garden Hedley Bull Centre, The Australian National University