WAN Awards
Champaign Public Library Liverpool Arena and Convention Centre La Cisnera Community Centre Amsterdam Public Library (OBA) Bowdoin College Museum of Art Norwegian National Opera & Ballet
Scout Cabin International Broadcast Centre/ Main Press Centre Kensington Oval Pavillion Museum Liaunig Vodafone Valletta Tallinn City Hall
The Richard E. Griffin Academic Center Long Center for the Performing Arts Spaceport America Carlyle/Century Plaza Vedanta University Teaching Hospital Grand Hyatt Dalian
Umbraculum and Children’s Games Garden TKTS Booth WAN Healthcare Award Gardiner Museum Petters Pavilion and Blessed Sacrament Chapel Wexford Opera House
Catholic University “Plaza Alameda Building” Community Centre Herstedlund CRYSTAL - Sports and Culture Centre United States Courthouse The Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre Vivanta
Mayo Building The Ledge at the Sears Tower The Casino Theatre Vancouver Convention Centre West Sustainable Residence Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre