Klein Bottle House Rafael Arozarena High School Russia Tower one40william Youth Recreation and Culture Centre in Gersonsvej Dalian International Conference Center/MoCAPE
Melbourne Recital Centre Day-Care Centre in Skanderborggade Afyon Thermal Hotel Collage Paris Four Seasons Resort, Seychelles KHBO University College
The Standard Hotel Loisium Hotel New Amsterdam Plein & Pavilion. NYC Information Center National Museum of African American History and Culture Afterparty
Sony "Home" virtual platform Affordable housing innovations Barking Riverside Thames Gateway Flatiron Building King's Cross Square Burj 34
Rudding Park Hotel Porsche Museum Sports Park Stožice Østfold Hospital King's Cross Central Castleford Bridge
River Hull Footbridge Taipei Performing Arts Center Master Site Plan Menil Collection New Orleans Hospitals WAN House of the Year 2008 MIPIM AR Future Project Awards