WAN Awards 2018
OBB Corporate Headquarters The Shard Hotel Missoni Photographer’s Studio and Boat House Beacon Lotte Super Tower
Vdara Hotel & Spa, CityCenter National Library of Multifunctional Administrative City Wood View Learning Community Bolig+ Johnson Community Hospital RoscoLab Ltd - LitePad
Rieder Smart Elements GmbH - fibreC SOL-ARCH² Milgard Windows & Doors - SmartTouch™ Lock GRAPHISOFT Virtual Building Explorer Graphisoft - ArchiCAD 13 with Teamwork 2 World Sustainability Centre Afsluitdijk
Pennine Lancashire Squared Glasfabrik LAMBERTS - LINIT P40 Forwarding Dallas 3716 Springfield Cube House House in Lumino
Residence for Mr. and Mrs. Rajeev XXIII Ravelston Terrace Steigereiland 2.0 The Watersquare Coornhertkade HOJO
Boon Edam - NRG+ Tourniket Revolving Door Bette GmbH & Co - BETTEFLOOR Elefant Gratings Ltd - Elefant® O5‐M Philips - Lumiblade Mirrowall “You fade to light” Dragen Children's House Alto Vetro Residential Tower