WAN Awards Calendar 2017
Derby Silk Mill Hyundai Global Business Center Military Heritage Museum BAU Insider Focus #11 – Urban life WAN Commercial Award 2015 Winner Announced Tech Spot #43: The Jeddah Tower
Mixed-use project South Bay Villa complex WAN Metal in Architecture Award 2015 WAN Colour in Architecture Award 2015 China's bizarre diktat
World Trade Center Transportation Hub Romsdal museum Serpentine Summer Houses Serpentine Gallery Pavilion Broadway Housing The Nile Boat
Evelyn and Mo Ostin Music Center Gordon Parks Arts Hall Innovation centre Shanghai mixed-use development Wehrhahn Line Tainan Public Library
Tech Spot #42: RT 2012 House Groenlândia Local NHS hospital WAN Small Spaces Award 2015 Bibliothèque du Boisé Brooklyn skyscraper
WAN Commercial Award Shortlist Announced One Lansdowne Road WAN Future Projects Education Award 2015 Winner Announced WAN Future Project Civic Building 2015 Winner Announced WAN Future Projects Healthcare Award 2015 St Mary Redcliffe Design Competition