The Elbphilharmonie The Maison des étudiants de l’École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) The Hive Serpentine Summer Houses Zhejiang Gate Towers New Tate Modern
British Airways i360 Square Tech Spot #57: “mixed-reality” technology MVRDV glass office Cultural centre and hotel Docklands masterplan
Flexhouse “The Park” The Bright Building Kaohsiung Station CUBRIC 88 & 90 Lexington
Layvir Serpentine Pavilion Bridges for RV73 Malcolm Reading Consultants Latvian competition Tech Spot #56: Alucobond  Rawabi
Bhartiya City Barin Ski Resort New congress centre Red Hook UNIC building Amsterdam Courthouse
Freeform Home Design Challenge Bruner/Cott’s Lunder Arts Center Timber Town Hupomone Ranch the University Room The Glasshouse