Jacksonville Jaguars’ amphitheatre Westmoreland Museum of American Art Nelson Mandela Bridge Glass House Tech Spot #41: Metro Line 9 New Palau Blaugrana Arena
Strachan House Bonita Center for the Arts 1180 Fourth Street, Affordable Housing Dubai observation tower 12 New Fetter Lane New Norton Museum of Art
Taiwanese earthquake London high-rise development SKYCITY Crane collapse N+ fashion city Tech Spot #40: Waste-to-energy
SkyHabitat Wood high-rise Museum of Ethnography Sports Hall Residential apartments Réinventer Paris competition
Paddington development King Alfred redevelopment Clever Park International School Aviator's Villa Monverde - Wine experience hotel
Research and teaching facility Essex University extension Modular Housing Madrid Rio (Manzanares Lineal Park) Timber-framed residential building LeJeune Residence