Saturday January 20 2018


Date Headline Project Name Architect
12/06/2015  BIG’s design for creative learning  Gammel Hellerup High School Sports and Arts Expansion   BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group 
22/05/2015  A concrete hub of transport  Carlsberg Station  Gottlieb Paludan Architects 
15/05/2015  Green energy enclosed in a forest  BIO4 biomass unit  Gottlieb Paludan Architects 
08/05/2015  Making a murky underworld a sustainable statement  Copenhagen sewage pumping station  CF Møller Architects 
01/05/2015  When a library is more than a library  Copenhagen Library  Selim Senin 
03/03/2015  New vision for the prestigious Faste Batteri site in Copenhagen  Faste Batteri  Arkitema Architects 
03/12/2014  C.F. Møller-led team for CBS  Copenhagen Business School  C. F. MOLLER 
06/11/2014  Sleek expansion planned for Red Cross  Volunteer House  COBE 
04/09/2014  International team for Copenhagen scheme  NærHeden Masterplan  Arkitema Architects 
03/09/2014  Construction underway in Copenhagen  The Silo  COBE 
21/08/2014  Healing architecture  Urban Hospice  NORD Architects 
14/08/2014  Vivid orange bridge opens in Denmark  Cykelslangen  DISSING+WEITLING Architecture 
28/05/2014  Supporting Copenhagen's 'port of options'  Goboats Terminal  Kebony 
04/11/2013  FABRIC go round in circles...  Trylletromler  fabric 
05/09/2013  Catch the next wave...  Kalvebod Waves  KLAR Architects and JDS 
04/07/2013  Inauguration of a star  UN City  3XN architects 
22/05/2013  The illusion of motion  Trylletromler  .FABRIC 
20/05/2013  Danish crystal construction underway  Bryghusprojektet  OMA 
18/03/2013  The big blue...  The Blue Planet  3XN architects 
04/03/2013  Groundbreaking in Copenhagen  Amagerforbrændingen Waste to Energy Plant  Bjarke Ingels Group 
07/11/2012  Enveloping nature into education  Forfatterhuset Kindergarten  LETH & GORI 
23/10/2012  A shot of colour in Copenhagen  Superkilen  Bjarke Ingels Group 
31/08/2012  A Walk in the Park  Natural History Museum  WAN Editorial 
26/06/2012  CEBRA have the bottle  Experimentarium  CEBRA a/s 
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