Thursday April 27 2017


Date Headline Project Name Architect
29/03/2017  BIG embraces yin and yang  Panda House  Bjarke Ingels Group 
07/02/2017  Keeping it simple  Frederiksvej Kindergarten   COBE 
23/11/2016  The House of Food Culture comes to Copenhagen  House of Food Culture  COBE 
04/11/2016  A more liveable solution for our cities  Nordic Built Cities Challenge  SLA 
12/10/2016  3XN refines the arena  Royal Arena  3XN architects 
23/09/2016  Bjarke Ingels creates a housing solution  Tech Spot #69: Urban Rigger  Urban Rigger, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) 
06/09/2016  Foster + Partners breaks new ground in Denmark  Ferring HQ  Foster + Partners 
05/09/2016  Copenhagen harbour opens up  Sliding Bridge  Studio Bednarski Ltd 
05/07/2016  White Arkitekter heads for the woods  Social housing  White Arkitekter AB 
27/05/2016  Awards success for South Harbour School by JJW Architects   South Harbour School  JJW Architects 
11/04/2016  Olafur Eliasson’s new Danish landmark  Cirkelbroen (The circle bridge)  Olafur Eliasson 
15/03/2016  C.F. Møller and Tredje Natur win Future Sølund  Future Sølund  C.F. Møller Architects and Tredje Natur 
27/01/2016  Copenhagen’s new focal point  The Tip of Redmolen  COBE 
17/11/2015  NORD Architects to design European School Copenhagen  The European School  NORD Architects Copenhagen and Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects 
12/11/2015  3XN adds to Copenhagen hospital  Patient Hotel  3XN architects 
24/08/2015  Bjarke Ingels Group crowdfunds designer clouds  Steam ring generator  Bjarke Ingels Group 
21/08/2015  Opening up Copenhagen’s waterfront  Opening Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge  Studio Bednarski Ltd 
08/07/2015  Team announced to design bridge in central Copenhagen  Harbour bridge  WilkinsonEyre and Urban Agency 
02/07/2015  Solar-powered school of the future  CIS Nordhavn  CF Møller Architects 
12/06/2015  BIG’s design for creative learning  Gammel Hellerup High School Sports and Arts Expansion   BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group 
22/05/2015  A concrete hub of transport  Carlsberg Station  Gottlieb Paludan Architects 
15/05/2015  Green energy enclosed in a forest  BIO4 biomass unit  Gottlieb Paludan Architects 
08/05/2015  Making a murky underworld a sustainable statement  Copenhagen sewage pumping station  CF Møller Architects 
01/05/2015  When a library is more than a library  Copenhagen Library  Selim Senin 
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