Arts and Leisure



20 Dec 2016

It consists of a cafe located in the heart of a quiet neighbourhood in Barcelona where Cristina and Mariona were asked for a pure and cosy atmosphere. They wanted a flexible space, available for any age and timings. It's a space with incoming light through 3 room sides and has a rectangular shape where the staff area is placed at the end of the room, separated by a perforated drywall divisor,

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BRAC bookstore


25 Nov 2016

The architecture studio DEFERRARI+MODESTI, already the author of various interventions in which a call for an original experimentation in material and constructive solutions emerges, have designed and given an identity to the interior of the BRAC bookstore of Florence, characterized by ingenious ideas which are extremely simple and capable of creating a comforting and immersive atmosphere. The

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Valencia Lounge HostelĀ 


09 Sep 2016

Masquespacio presents its last interior design project for Valencia Lounge Hostel, a hostel of 11 rooms distributed over 236 m2 situated in the old town of Valencia. The intervention realised by Masquespacio in the Valencia Lounge Hostel starts with a study of the previous status of the project’s building, containing typical elements from the Valencian homes of the 20th century with its

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Strut & Cluck

Amir and Limor Chen

07 Sep 2016

Strut & Cluck opened in Shoreditch in June 2016, founded by husband and wife team Amir and Limor Chen, and showcasing their hero ingredient - the turkey. Inspired by Eastern Mediterranean home cooking, the restaurant serves healthy free-range turkey meat in new and exciting ways, alongside delicious sides, salads and sharing dishes, all in bright and welcoming surroundings. Limor started

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The Student Hotel


19 Aug 2016

Amsterdam City officially opened its doors on 15 April, a hybrid concept hotel beautifully conceived and delivered by The Student Hotel group. The destination marks a new chapter for hotel living where leisure and business travellers and students share spaces, connect and inspire each other. The 571-room property is located five minutes from the city centre in the former office and printing

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