Arts and Leisure

Beefbar, Hong Kong

Humbert & Poyet

05 Jan 2017

Following in the footsteps of Monaco and Mexico, Beefbar is continuing to conquer the world and this time it’s set its sights on the very heart of the Chinese metropolis that is Hong Kong. The signature concept from the Monaco Restaurant Group serves top quality meat that has brought the restaurant world renown and put it among the best meat restaurants in the world in specialist

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Fosbury & Sons

Going East

03 Jan 2017

Fosbury & Sons has taken up residence in the WATT-tower in Antwerp, a building by legendary modernist architect Léon Stynen. On the impressive first floor Fosbury & Sons founders Stijn Geeraets and Maarten Van Gool have launched a new and high-quality way of working, 'the renaissance of work', focussing on the needs of today's generation. Fosbury &

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Indian Snack Bar

David Dworkind

23 Dec 2016

The owners of Cook Caravan, a small food business focused on catering tiffin packed recipes originating from all over Asia, had outgrown their small production kitchen and were ready to open a brick and mortar. They approached the architect with the idea of opening a "cool Indian restaurant" that would differentiate itself from the others in the city.  The design was largely inspired by the

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Small Town Party


23 Dec 2016

There is a foreign small town hidden in lively and prosperous metropolis far from tumultuous city (Race Steak House). Customers could find the entrance of the small town by following the ethereal aroma of steak where they can experience the interest and delicacy brought by steak cooking. The designer partitioned the space skillfully with the concept of small house with various sizes of

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20 Dec 2016

It consists of a cafe located in the heart of a quiet neighbourhood in Barcelona where Cristina and Mariona were asked for a pure and cosy atmosphere. They wanted a flexible space, available for any age and timings. It's a space with incoming light through 3 room sides and has a rectangular shape where the staff area is placed at the end of the room, separated by a perforated drywall divisor,

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