Corazon Films

Fabio Marins Arquitetura

28 Jul 2017

After more than a decade working in the music market as a music producer and sound engineer, Fabio Marins combined this technical and practical audio knowledge with the scientific knowledge of the areas of architecture and acoustics, creating a differential in terms of understanding, the technical and practical needs of the built environment. Today his area of activity went beyond the frontiers

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Herschel Supply


23 Jun 2017

Canadian lifestyle brand Herschel Supply commissioned Linehouse to design their first China office, located in a Shanghai lane amongst an urban residential area. The site occupies an area where many old residential buildings are being demolished. Traces of these buildings remain, allowing glimpses of what Shanghai everyday life may have once been. Houses are stripped, revealing layers of

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22 Jun 2017

FILD Design LLC was established in 2013 in Kiev (Ukraine) by Dan Vakhrameyev and Kateryna Fedorenko. FILD is one of the main companies that formed an objects design industry in Ukraine. Ash grey and dimed yellow are identity colours of the company. FILD is built on the principles of clean minimalist lines and shapes of the objects design as well as in interior.  The team base their

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Inteltion Office


09 Jun 2017

The Inteltion Office is a 170 square meters renovation project designed for the IT consultant company named Inteltion. The company has 60 employees who normally work at the clients’ offices in order to take care of the computer systems. They are present at the Inteltion Office especially when they are waiting for a new client or a new project. That is to say, it is not

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esse studio

08 Jun 2017

The brief for this project requested a comfortable space with a home feeling and at the same time being a creative space to work in. The space was designed for a team of 6/7 people, with a quiet working area, meeting/skype area, lounge, kitchenette and bathroom. The Headquarters for PURE, a hookup mobile app, is integrated in a set of buildings from Promontório architects, a mixed-use

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