Alessa Jewellery

Taller KEN

10 May 2017

When asked to design a store for the Alessa Designs company, Taller KEN worked to reflect the personality of the clients. The Alessa company was founded by a young couple from Dubai and Guatemala who met in California so they were infused with spirituality and a global-trotting exposure to different styles.  Because the project is located in a hectic commercial shopping center, the goal was

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Chongqing Landmark Riverside Park

Woods Bagot

02 May 2017

A mixed-used and key urban regeneration development, the Chongqing Landmark Riverside Park provides a cultural experience for its visitors with a taste of authenticity Woods Bagot, a global architectural and consulting practice, designed the Landmark Riverside Park’s retail and office tower public area interiors in Chongqing, China, - for leisure, entertainment, travel and shopping,

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Magmode of Hangzhou Kerry Center Store


20 Apr 2017

There are many ways to express a brand; It could be a monotonous expression, or a diversified presentation. It is similar to magazine in this regard. A magazine has an unified tonality and values, it starts contact with readers through different contents, but a brand connects to clients through different products. It's logicality, upgrade ability, and continuity have something in common. Magmode

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Emerald Store


19 Apr 2017

With the Emerald Store, AJCD approached the brief with a careful delineation of the space - introducing new thresholds and focus points to rejuvenate the dilapidated shop front and reinvent the existing interior. The introduction of clean brass lines and soft wood undertones accentuates the depth of the site whilst juxtaposing as it touches the floor. Contrasting angular floor details diverge

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The White Company


15 Mar 2017

Home and clothing style brand, The White Company, sees the re-launch of its Marylebone High Street store, with a smart and sensory take on beds and linens, designed by branding and experience design agency, Household. Beyond its style appeal across clothing, home and fragrance, the latest store from The White Company aims to be a destination for the ultimate night’s sleep.  The newly

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