Meet the Winners - TomMarkHenry


22 May 2018

In our latest instalment of ‘Meet the Winners 2017’, we spoke with Cushla McFadden, Director of Sydney-based studio, TomMarkHenry, who were winners of the coveted Emerging Practice of the Year 2017 WIN Award. TomMarkHenry was founded in 2014, bringing together a talented team from interior architecture and design backgrounds, and working across the hospitality, residential, retail

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IKEA Creative Hub

Nanna Lagerman and Nina Warnolf

16 May 2018

IKEA’s new Creative Hub in Stockholm has been designed by Swedish interior designer, Nanna Lagerman in collaboration with fellow-designer, Nina Warnolf, to create a space where every room has its own ’character, feeling, mood, colours, style, expression’.  The resulting 15 rooms and a kitchen, each playing their own unique role in creating what Lagerman describes as

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10 May 2018

Zagrab-based architects collective, BIRO, has designed an imaginative interiors scheme for Croatian concept store, Garderoba. The store is located in Zagreb’s Design District and features oversized changing rooms draped with pastel coloured curtains and dressed with matching monochromatic furniture. The idea behind the concept store is to invite customers in to enjoy a leisurely shopping

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Meet the Winners - Cecconi Simone

Cecconi Simone Inc.

09 May 2018

Next in our ‘Meet the Winners 2017’ series, we talk to Anna Simone, Founding Partner of Cecconi Simone, winner of the WIN Retail Interiors Greater Than 200 SQ M category. Established in 1982, Cecconi Simone has met with continued success, creating award-winning interiors for the retail, corporate, hotel-hospitality and residential sectors in Canada, the United States, Anguilla,

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Hixx fashion store


06 Apr 2018

Antwerp-based experimental concept agency, Nightingale, has again teamed up with Luxembourg-based retailer, Asport, this time to redesign their main fashion store, Hixx. (They previously worked together on Asport’s Scoop (86) Sneaker store, also in Luxembourg.)  Going beyond traditional ‘brand by brand’ shop layouts, for Hixx the concept of ‘a styleparc’ was

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