Lighting Design

Lamped 2 Oled Lamp


01 May 2014

'Lamped 2' is a modular, multi-functional, linear, sustainable, long term lamp. It uses OLED light sources, or organic light emitting diodes, the new lighting technology with intrinsic advantages such as transparency, flexibility, thinness, large luminous surface as well as the less sharp given shades.  The lamps' joints and foot are made out of moulded steel while the masks of the OLED

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Notre Dame


21 Mar 2014

Philips, a global leader in lighting, has illuminated the world-famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris with LEDs, lighting up the Gothic masterpiece's features with more than 400 luminaires. The chosen luminaires - with an installed capacity of just 30 kW as opposed to the former 140 kW bulbs - will reduce energy consumption by up to 80%. 21st century LED technology now highlights the 13th century

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The New York Times Building and TheTimesCenter

Office for Visual Interaction, Inc.

10 Mar 2014

Acclaimed as the most significant addition to the Manhattan skyline in decades, The New York Times Building officially opened its doors on November 19th, 2007, with the final lighting installation completed in the fall of 2008. Conceived by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, the glass and steel skyscraper is draped with a lace-like screen of thin ceramic tubes, creating an airy façade that

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United Visual Artists

17 Feb 2014

Barbican has commissioned the multi-disciplinary art and design studio United Visual Artists to create a new work for the Curve. Coinciding with their 10th anniversary, UVA present Momentum, an immersive installation that combines light, sound and movement. Drawing on physics and digital technology, UVA are turning the Curve into a spatial instrument, installing a sequence of 12 pendulum-like

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Zwei Interiors Architecture

09 Dec 2013

Working to refresh the existing retail store, the design creates continuity and flow within the lower level basement space whilst reflecting, and providing a backdrop to, the artisan nature of the product on display. An overall light and warm base tone was used within various materials and textures. This illuminates the space and delivers interplay of materials reflective of that achieved in the

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