Lighting Design



19 Mar 2013

The Crown Entertainment Complex in Melbourne is one of the largest integrated resorts in the southern hemisphere with its casino, hotels, functions rooms, restaurants, shopping and entertainment facilities. In 2010, the Eastern Entry underwent a major redevelopment refreshing, refining and revitalising the “Crown” experience. Electrolight was commissioned to design specialist

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Saadiyat Beach Resort, St Regis Hotel

neolight design

15 Mar 2013

The project carries on the tradition of luxury and elegance that epitomizes the iconic St Regis brand. The lighting reinforces this luxurious style and adds a contemporary flare to reflect the surroundings of this island retreat. The specialist lighting design was implemented across all areas to harmonise and complement the architecture and interior design. From the exterior (designed to be

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The High Line

L'Observatoire International

11 Mar 2013

New York City has many parks, but none can reach the physical and aesthetic heights of the High Line. As a visitor ascends the stairwell to the reclaimed public space, each step brings him closer to an extraordinary experience. The High Line drifts above the city, granting its visitors a never-before-seen tour. This bird’s eye voyage affords guests a bird’s eye view of lower Manhattan

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Golden Moon, Hong Kong

LEAD - Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design Ltd.

30 Dec 2012

Hong Kong hosts an annual design competition to invent a "Lantern Wonderland" for its hugely popular Mid-Autumn Festival. The 2012 winning entry "Golden Moon", designed by Kristof Crolla & Adam Fingrut, was built and opened to the public for 6 days in the autumn of 2012 and visited by over 400,000 people. Golden Moon is a temporary architectural structure that explores how Hong Kong's unique

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